Writers Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith approached me in the Autumn of 2017 with the proposal that they’d love to start a podcast on style and they’d love me to produce it. Having admired both of their work from afar I was delighted to accept and the result is Layers, which launched 8th January on Audioboom. It’s a smart, sideways look at fashion and style through a creative and sometimes unexpected lens. As writers it feels like they have a slightly different approach to most people I’ve previously worked with – I truly love their ideas and it’s been a joy bringing them to life.

It’s a combination of edited interview segments recorded on location, conversations and prose readings (where I’ve had the chance to exercise my sound design muscles a bit) tied together with Stevie and Ana’s commentary – they’re both naturals on the mic and it’s a real pleasure to work with them.

Here’s episode 1:


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