The Guardian: Let’s Eat

IMG_8392.pngI’ve done a few work related things for the great Matt Hill, who runs Rethink Audio; I really love his approach to audio and the list of interesting things he’s made or had a hand in is endless.

So I was very pleased to work with him on a podcast series for The Guardian, with support from McCain – all about the generational shift in home cooking.

I produced five episodes, presented by Hersha Patel and recorded in Matt’s kitchen overlooking the canal in West London, each one centred around a different type of mealtime, from Sunday roasts to date night.

Matt wrote a lovely post about the series on Rethink Audio’s website which you can read HERE. As he writes, the sonic approach I took for Let’s Eat was similar to that of Lecker: “listeners are plunged ears-first into stirfrys, gravy trays and steamers. It’s a treat for the senses and a feast for the belly.”

You can listen to all five episodes of Let’s Eat HERE or on your favourite podcast app as part of the Guardian Culture feed.

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